48th International Gathering of the Children of Europe JOY OF EUROPE 2017

Dear friends,

The international gathering of the children of Europe, JOY OF EUROPE is a traditional event that celebrates peace, friendship, freedom, play and children’s joy, and it has taken place in Belgrade from as far back as 1969, on the occasion of World Children’s Day. This event offers the children who take part in it the possibility to get to know each other and form friendships that will help them, as they grow up, to become better people.

Belgrade is an ideal place for such gatherings of young people. The open door on Belgrade’s coat-of-arms is probably the best symbol of the openness and hospitality that this city offers to everyone with goodwill and noble intentions. Our guests, who arrive from all over Europe, are traditionally put up in the family homes of their young hosts.

The diverse program that this event offers involves a number of different social groups: Belgrade primary schools, state institutions, the media and countless public and private organizations and firms.

As it is our wish that the children-participants should become as close as possible and present themselves to each other in the best possible way through various cultural activities, we suggest that each group prepares an artistic program lasting 10 minutes, to be performed in public.

The children of Belgrade are waiting eagerly for their guests from other countries. Together with our wish that you will be our guests this autumn, please accept our warmest regards.

 THEME of 48.  International Gathering of the Children of Europe – JOY OF EUROPE 2017.

“Every child has wings

But has to remember

Where they grow hidden

And will fly away.”


Miroslav Mika Antić


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