Joy of Europe – Invitation letter

Dear Sir or Madam,


Traditional International Gathering of Children of Europe will be held in Belgrade, October 2nd to 5th 2016. We are honored to inform you that, starting this year, our manifestation has been granted the EFFE label of quality by the European Commission.


The theme of this year’s 47th Gathering of Children of Europe, “Joy of Europe” marks the 160th anniversary of the birth of Nikola Tesla, famous scientist and inventor in the field of physics, electrical engineering and radio technology. The inventions of this visionary of Serbian origin greatly contributed the transmission of high-voltage alternating currents to a great distance, making electricity available for a larger number of people, and enabling its efficient distribution. He was one of the key people responsible for the construction of the Niagara falls hydroelectric power plant. He discovered the torque magnetic field and the international community named the unit of measurement of the strength of the magnetic field Tesla. He was also a very interesting person, and there are many interesting anecdotes from his childhood and life.


Our idea is that our guests who will perform at the Gala concert answer to this given theme of Nikola Tesla, and in order to make it more accessible to the group leaders and the performing children, we are inclosing a more detailed explanation of this theme. Besides Nikola Tesla, we also aim to promote science, knowledge and his dedication to humane and visionary ideas.

The Art groups participating in the Gala concert can freely interpret this theme and adapt it to their style and artistic sensibility. The symbols related to the name of Nikola Tesla are Tesla’s Tower, cat, white dove, electrical energy, electricity et cetera.


A group of participants can have no more than 15 children participants, from 7 to 14 years of age, as well as 2 adult group leaders – teachers. The children will be staying in host families with the  children of their age, one child per family, because the point of these Gatherings is making friends and developing lasting friendships, as well as getting to know new and different cultures. The organizers cover the expenses of half board accommodation for the two adult group leaders






The participants cover the expenses of transportation to Belgrade and back, and should they choose to use their own bus during the event, the organizer will cover the expenses of fuel during the event, as well as the accommodation for two drivers.


Those who have the right to participate at the “Joy of Europe” festival are art schools, cultural centers, studios, clubs, associations, but first and foremost groups that have achieved good results at national and international competitions, festivals etc.


The participants can present their art in form of dance (classical, traditional, jazz or contemporary dance), music (vocal group or choir), as well as multimedia performance.


Each country can only be represented by one group of performers, and in order to have a quality selection, we would kindly ask you to recommend us two or, if at all possible, three groups of potential participants from your country.


Basic program units of this manifestation are:

  1. CARNIVAL – formal parade of participants in costumes through the town centre;
  2. EXIBITION OF THE AWAREDED WORKS OF ART FROM THE 18th INTERNATIONAL ART COMPETITION “JOY OF EUROPE” – at the Gallery of the Children’s Cultural Centre in Belgrade;
  3. FRIENDSHIP GATHERING CONCERTS – concerts at the hall of Children’s Cultural Centre in Belgrade (live performance no longer than 15 minutes, music can also be performed live);
  4. GALA CONCERT– in Sava Centre (each group performs an act no longer than 3 minutes, and every vocal and instrumental part of the performance has to be recorded in a studio – full playback is compulsory).




The final gala concert will be seen by the audience of several thousand children in the great hall itself, as well as a million viewers in direct TV broadcast.


Applications for participation need to be delivered no later than May 10th 2016. Applications received after this date will not be taken in consideration.


Applications of the potential participants should contain:

– filled-out application forms that can be downloaded from our web page:

– make sure to send in digital form to the address of the Children’s Cultural Centre in Belgrade, or a video recording of just the stage performance meant for the Gala concert in Sava Centre, up to 3 minutes long (It is highly recommendable to send these recordings vie e-mail). The numbers that best respond to the theme of our manifestation, Nikola Tesla, will have an advantage in the process of the selection of groups which will represent each country.


The founder and general sponsor of the International Gathering of Children of Europe is the Belgrade City Administration, and the executive producer is the Children’s Cultural Centre of Belgrade.


Detailed information about the manifestation itself, its propositions as well as the application forms you can find on the web page of the Children’s Cultural Centre of Belgrade,


Organization board of the “Joy of Europe”


All the details about the event itself, propositions and application forms can be found on the Internet site of the Children’s Cultural Centre Belgrade

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