54th International Gathering of Children of Europe – “Joy of Europe” will take place in Belgrade, Serbia, between October 1st and 6th.


The Belgrade City Administration is the founder and general sponsor of the International Gathering of Children of Europe, with the Children’s Cultural Centre Belgrade as its executive producer. The “Joy of Europe” festival has the EFFE label of quality, granted by the European Commission.

The idea of establishing “Joy of Europe” was born back in 1968 after a performance of the Swedish Boy Choir in Belgrade. Every year since then the festival has aimed to bring together children from across Europe through song and dance by showcasing their own culture and customs, as well as artwork at the International Drawing and Painting Contest. Today, “Joy of Europe” is the biggest and oldest festival of children’s creativity in Serbia.

Eligible to apply for the “Joy of Europe” festival are art schools, cultural centres, studios, clubs, and associations, primarily groups that achieved remarkable results at national and international competitions, festivals etc. The participating group should be registered in a European country, outside the territory of the Republic of Serbia and should represent the culture of that country. The performing group can consist of up to 12 children, between 7 and 14 years of age, and 2 adult companions – group leaders. It is strictly forbidden to cross the age limit or to bring older or younger children to the festival. Participants can present their work through dance (classical, traditional, jazz, modern, contemporary, hip-hop, break dance, etc.), music (vocal, band or choir), or multimedia-type performance.


The 54th Joy of Europe is dedicated to the 80th jubilee anniversary of the first publication of the book “The Little Prince”. When the book was first published back in 1943 in the United States no one had expected it to become one of the most renowned and best-selling works of literary art worldwide as well as the inspiration for numerous artists. Saint-Exupery firmly believed in children’s ability to see relevant things in life much clearer than adults. Little Prince’s openness transforms the world, turning it into an oasis and place for learning and questioning. The first edition of “The Little Prince” is an authentic masterpiece due to the fact that it unites illustration and narration, and the author of simple illustrations in “The Little Prince” was the author of the book himself. It is our wish that the children and their pedagogues use this work as an inspiration for their performances for the Gala concert if the nature of the performance allows it. The interpretation of the topic can be loose and in accordance with the group’s artistic sensibility.

The greatest and the most interesting fact regarding this festival is that the children are going to be accommodated in families of their peers from Belgrade schools (one child per family), since the essential goal of this event is the development of long-lasting friendships, socializing and intercultural learning through experience.

Costs of hotel accommodation (BB) for 2 adult companions, only, are covered by the organizer. The travel costs to and from Belgrade are covered by the participants themselves. In case the participant’s bus is used during the festival the organizer covers the cost of fuel for the duration of the event, as well as the costs of accommodation for 2 drivers.











The basic program units of this manifestation are:

1. CARNIVAL – a formal parade of participants in costumes through the city centre

2. FRIENDSHIP GATHERING CONCERTS – concerts at the hall of Children’s Cultural Centre Belgrade (live performance no longer than 10 minutes, music can be performed live)

3. GALA CONCERT- in MTS Concert Hall (Each group performs an act no longer than 3 minutes and every vocal and instrumental part of the performance has to be recorded in a studio – full playback is compulsory. Gala Concert will be TV broadcasted live on the national TV channel of the Republic of Serbia.)

4. SPORTS DAY and ECO ACTIVITY – planting trees – interactive entertainment and sports


The application deadline is May 1st 2023. Applications received after the deadline will not be taken into consideration. The Board of the festival will make the final selection and inform the applicants about the results by May 15th, 2023. Each country will be represented by only one chosen group.
The application of potential participants should contain:

1. Filled-out application form
2. Video or link of the performance for the Gala Concert, up to 3 minutes long

Filled-out application form and the video or link of the performance for the Gala Concert should be sent to the following e-mail address: ivana.tabori@dkcb.rs


—> Download the application form

54th International Gathering of Children of Europe – “Joy of Europe” – MUSIC

54th International Gathering of Children of Europe – “Joy of Europe” – DANCE



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