Open call for application for 51st International gathering of children of Europe „Joy of Europe“



It is our honor to inform you that between October 2nd and 5th 2020 the 51st International Gathering of Children of Europe “Joy of Europe” will be held in Belgrade. Founder and general sponsor of the International Gathering of Children of Europe is the Belgrade City Administration and the executive producer is the Children’s Cultural Centre of Belgrade. The Manifestation Joy of Europe has the EFFE 2019-2020 label of quality, granted by the European Commission.

Those with the right to participate in the “Joy of Europe” are art schools, cultural centers, studios, clubs, associations, but above all groups that showed remarkable results at national and international competitions, festivals etc.

Participants can present their work through dance (classical, traditional, jazz and modern dancing…), music (vocal band or choir), or a multimedia performance.

The performing group can consist of up to 15 children, between 7 and 14 years of age, and 2 adult companions – group leaders. The children are accommodated in families of their peers from Belgrade schools, one child per family, since the essential goal of this event is developing lasting friendships, socialization and getting to know different cultures. Costs of hotel accommodation for the 2 adult companions are covered by the organizer. It is strictly forbidden that the children be older or younger than here declared.



Cost of traveling to and from Belgrade is covered by the participants themselves, and if during the manifestation their own bus is used, the organizer covers the cost of fuel for the duration of the event, as well as the costs of accommodation for 2 drivers.

The 51st “Joy of Europe” with the motto “Kidopolis” revolves around the theme of cities, city life, dynamics and culture, dreamed and imagined cities, street art, cities suitable for a child, green cities etc. This theme can be widely interpreted and adapted to the sensibility of the group that applies for participation. Regardless of the topic, folklore groups can also participate at this manifestation.

Groups should turn in their applications before April 1st 2020. We shall not be in the position to take into consideration the applications that arrive after that date. Applicants will be informed about the results of selection by May 1st 2020, and the Board of the manifestation will make the selection.

Applications of potential participants should contain:

  1. Filled-out application dance | music
  2. Video recording of the performance intended for the Gala Concert at the Sava Center, up to 3 minutes long

Filled-out application form and the video recording of the performance for the Gala Concert should be sent in electronic form, to the e-mail address or Acts that are inspired by this year’s theme “Kidopolis” will take precedence in the process of selection.

All detailed information about the manifestation itself you may find here.

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