54th International Gathering of Children of Europe “Joy of Europe” will take place in Belgrade, Serbia, between October 1st and 6th. The Belgrade City Administration is the founder and general sponsor of the International Gathering of Children of Europe, with the Children’s Cultural Centre Belgrade as its executive producer. The “Joy of Europe” festival has the EFFE label of quality, granted by the European Commission.

The idea of establishing “Joy of Europe” was born back in 1968 after a performance of the Swedish Boy Choir in Belgrade. This year, children from around 20 European countries will present the cultures through song and dance, while through the jubilee XXV Art Contest “Joy of Europe,” children from all around the world will present their talents.
The greatest and the most interesting fact regarding this festival is that the children are going to be accommodated in families of their peers from Belgrade schools, since the essential goal of this event is the development of long-lasting friendships, socializing and intercultural learning through experience.

JUST BENEATH THE STAR is the slogan of the 54th International Gathering of Children of Europe “Joy of Europe”. The festival is dedicated to the 80th jubilee anniversary of the first publication of the book “The Little Prince”. Saint-Exupery firmly believed in children’s ability to see relevant things in life much clearer than adults. Little Prince’s openness transforms the world, turning it into an oasis and place for learning and questioning. The first edition of “The Little Prince” is an authentic masterpiece due to the fact that it unites illustration and narration, and the author of illustrations was the author of the book himself.
The Little Prince appeared on our planet right beneath his star. In the last chapter, the author of this timeless work of art tells us to slow down so we wouldn’t miss the Little Prince: “… I beg you, don’t be in a hurry, wait a little just beneath the star!”. We believe that “Joy of Europe” is the place just beneath the star belonging to little princes and princesses living on the planet Earth. Don’t rush, reduce the speed, take your time in this place, and look at all the inhabitants of this little kingdom, find your inner child and experience the world through their eyes.





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