From Cluj with all our appreciation

Dear organizers of the festival,

It is said that Serbia is a beautiful country and that the Serbian people are warm and welcoming. We experienced these realities at the “Joy of Europe 2014”.

The six days we have spent in Belgrade convinced us that the European values of the festival, such as pluralism, multiculturalism, communication, equality, respect and non-discrimination, are not only theoretical concepts, but also applied in practice.

Thank you for having given us the opportunity to meet wonderful people, who shared their traditions and customs, allowing us to experience their life, joy, color and deep patriotism.

We especially appreciate the way you have merged the official gatherings (meeting Serbia’s president, the visit at the Romanian school in Ovča), artistic (shows, expositions, visit at the Tesla Museum), sporty and relaxing activities.

Given the fact that our group was a special one (with five hearing impaired children), we began the journey feeling our hearts close. However, the joyfulness of the festival helped us fit in, making us realize that the most important was not, in fact, the artistic performance, but the sentiments of happiness and unity we felt by being together.

We returned enriched with beautiful memories and friends whom are also possible partners for future projects.

Thank you for everything. Thank you for choosing us to take part in your festival and for believing in our children’s artistic potential.

With friendship,
Romanian team from Cluj-Napoca (Kluž)

P.S. We do admit that we already miss the enthusiasm that has flooded all the activities, but also the culinary delights (especially the kukuruz cake, the Gorki List, and the honey from the park of St. Marcus’ Church).

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